CNC Traveling Head

A business can NEVER go wrong with Automation! And you’ll achieve just that with CJRTec’s CNC Traveling Head and other fully automatic clicker press machine. With CNC (Computer Numerical Control), your process is more precise as compared to manual, producing better quality of items, as well as faster production. Through the use of Fully Automatic Traveling Head Press, every single process can be done in the exact same manner time and again.

foam die cut cnc traveling head
rubber die cut cnc traveling head

Interested in buying one but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry because here at CJRTec, we offer consultation and test performance. We also have an excellent team of agents that will provide you with technical assistance. You can drop us a line at (800) 733-2302 or send an e-mail at to jumpstart your migration to automated machining!

CNC Traveling Head